Hawkesbury Happy Pets Services

Our Services include:

  • Feed and refresh water for your pets
  • Clean any waste
  • Check pets are happy and settled
  • Lots of play and attention
  • Dog walking if booked

Additional inclusions to our services are:

  • Great security for your home, with someone coming and going regularly
  • Mail and newspaper collection
  • Putting out and bringing in bins
  • Watering special plants as required

Benefits to your pet are:

Pets are happier and more content and settled in their familiar home environment.

No upset stomachs from a change in diet or kennel food.

Exercise and feed routines are not changed.

Pets are not exposed to potential disease or infection from another environment.

No bad habits, such as barking, are picked up.

No traumatic travel for the pet.

You only pay for the actual days you are away - so no extra days at the kennels until you can get there.